2023 Prime Time Calendar for Canadian Rockies Photography

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Make the most of seasonal conditions and celestial phenomena with this planning calendar for photographers, curated by Paul Zizka! For the past decade, Paul has been carefully watching when particular seasons unfold, from the needles changing on Lyall's larch trees to methane bubbles appearing in frozen lakes. This calendar combines that knowledge with known celestial or annual events, creating the perfect tool to help you plan your photography in the Canadian Rockies. 

→ Note: This is a printable PDF catered to photographers, not to be confused with a hard-copy display/decorative wall calendar. 


What's inside!

* Seasons and peak times for fall colours (Aspen, Lyall's larch and Western larch), methane bubbles, aurora activity, wildflowers, and Milky Way.
* Monthly and annual summaries for sunrise/sunset, average rainfall/snowfall and average temperatures.
* Celestial events, such as meteor showers, planet visibility, lunar eclipses and moon cycles. 
* Paul's personal favourite times of the year. 
* Recommended photo apps.
* Photo prompts and tips.
* Seasonal road closures in the Canadian Rockies.

If you have any issues accessing your download, please contact us at inquiries@zizka.ca. Note: Upon purchasing, a download link will appear on your confirmation screen (you may need to wait a few moments). An email will also be sent to you with your download. 

© All contents copyright Paul Zizka and Meghan J. Ward, 2023.

*This download is for personal use only and not to be widely distributed (you may share it amongst your devices, however). Please refer your fellow photographers to shoppaulzizkaphoto.com if they would like a copy.*

File Details
PDF format  •  23 pages   •  27MB  


Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app on your devices in order to open the PDF. The file includes a comprehensive and clickable navigation panel (activate "Bookmarks" when viewing your PDF to access). 


Creative Team

Written by Paul Zizka, with Meghan J. Ward and Stasia Schmidt
Design and Layout: Dee Larosa / Phaneric
Published by Paul Zizka Photography
All images by Paul Zizka

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