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eBook: Paul Zizka's Guide to Photography in the Canadian Rockies - Banff to Lake Louise Edition

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Now updated with the latest Lake Louise/Moraine Lake access information! 

Maximize your time and shoot like a local! In this 130-page opinionated guide, seasoned Rockies photographer Paul Zizka gives the inside scoop on 60+ locations in the Canadian Rockies between Banff and Lake Louise. Discover his top picks for subjects that are photogenic, inspiring and filled with creative potential.

This ebook is suitable for photographers of all levels and abilities, and is largely catered to landscape photography, though astro/adventure photographers will also find material to be helpful.

Special Features

* 60+ locations organized into regions:
1. In and Around Banff Town
2. Lake Minnewanka
3. Bow Valley Parkway
4. Banff to Lake Louise via HWY1
5. Lake Louise and Area
* Year-round content with season-specific info for each location.
* All major day hikes between the Town of Banff and Lake Louise.
* The best spots to shoot aurora borealis, wildflowers and fall colours.
* Easy-to-use symbols to guide you through each location, as well as access to online map. 
* Listing of resources, recommended books and apps for photographers.
* Printable Gear Checklist for Outdoor Photography.
* Suggested itineraries for 1 or 3 days in summer and winter.
If you have any issues accessing your download, please contact us at Note: Upon purchasing, a download link will appear on your confirmation screen (you may need to wait a few moments). An email will also be sent to you with your download. 


© All contents copyright Paul Zizka and Meghan J. Ward, 2018. Last updated 2023.

*ebook download is for personal use only and not to be widely distributed (you may share it amongst your devices, however). Please refer your fellow photographers to if they would like a copy.*

File Details
PDF format  •  130 pages  •  60+ locations  •  File Size: 37.7 MB


Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app on your devices in order to open the PDF. The file includes a comprehensive and clickable navigation panel (activate "Bookmarks" when viewing your PDF to access). 

Creative Team

Written by Paul Zizka, with Meghan J. Ward
Editor: Meghan J. Ward
Design and Layout: Dee Larosa
Assistant: Kahli Hindmarsh
Published by Paul Zizka Photography
All images by Paul Zizka

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Susanne Pawliuk
Awesome Resource for Photography in the Canadian Rockies

I purchased "Paul Zizka's Guide to Photography in the Canadian Rockies" a couple of years ago, and it has become a staple that I will always take when I go to the mountains!!
It serves as an excellent planning guide before you go; helping you to plan around the seasons and weather, how much time you have for long hikes or near-by locations, lighting, and time of day, etc.

The book is so well laid out, and navigation through the book is easy (legends and symbols are awesome). The "ins and outs" are full of wisdom from Paul's vast experience in this area, which is very helpful! Paul has compiled plenty of content, with helpful tools, resources (books, photo apps), links, and even suggested itineraries. Paul's checklists and indexes (sorted by rating, seasons, and visibility conditions) help you to adjust your plans when mother nature may not be cooperating.

And.. the images in the book are truly visually stunning! Paul's passion for this area is evident, and his images capture these awe-inspiring landscapes with unmatched vision and beauty.

This is a must have resource for a first time trip, but it's also great for repeat visits, as it seems you can't see everything you want in a single visit. It has become my "bucket list" guide of where to go in the Rockies to photograph each time I visit the mountains. I highly recommend picking up Paul's book before your next trip to the Banff - lake Louise area; it is the best money you will spend to prepare for your next visit!

Samantha Reimer
A Must Have Resource for Photographing Banff and Lake Louise

Planning is key in landscape photography, and this is especially true in the Canadian Rockies. I downloaded "Paul Zizka's Guide to Photography in the Canadian Rockies - Banff to Lake Louise Edition" while preparing for our fall trip to Alberta. We arrived just in time for the first snow of the season and the e-book Guide was so helpful. The way the locations are broken down with the quick reference symbols was brilliant. It helped us prioritize our week according to the weather and we were able to find great locations to shoot even on those overcast days. Whether you are planning your first trip or you are a frequent visitor to Banff and Lake Louise this e-book is an invaluable tool to own.

From the Master himself!

Paul's photographic expertise in the Canadian Rockies needs no introduction - Having moved to Canada not too long ago, I have been contemplating a photography trip to the Rockies for quite some time now, and the moment I found out this book came out, I jumped on it! After quickly skimming through it out of my sheer eagerness, I am pleasantly (un)surprised by the thoroughness of the layout and the level of detail Paul has rendered in bringing this photo guide to fellow photographers! I can almost visualize my trip just by reading through this book and it gives me a level of confidence in making the most out of my trip knowing that I have this immensely helpful book to help me plan my shots!

Thank you so much Paul - you are the man!

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