eBook: Paul Zizka's Guide to Viewing and Photographing Northern Lights


Astrophotographer Paul Zizka gives his best tips, tools, and resources for both viewing and photographing the northern lights. From tracking the data to camera settings and editing tips, this comprehensive guide is all you need to get started! This eBook is suitable for non-photographers and photographers of all levels of experience. 

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Special Features

* Identify when and how the aurora will occur.
* Essential gear and online resources. 
* Tips for tracking and reading northern lights data. 
* Top tips for photographing northern lights.
* Top tips for editing northern lights photographs.
* ...and more! 

If you have any issues accessing your download, please contact us at inquiries@zizka.ca. Note: Upon purchasing, a download link will appear on your confirmation screen (you may need to wait a few moments). An email will also be sent to you with your download. 

© All contents copyright Paul Zizka and Meghan J. Ward, 2021.

*ebook download is for personal use only and not to be widely distributed (you may share it amongst your devices, however). Please refer your fellow photographers to shoppaulzizkaphoto.com if they would like a copy.*


File Details
PDF format  •  40 pages  •  File Size: 10.8 MB


Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app on your devices in order to open the PDF. The file includes a comprehensive and clickable navigation panel (activate "Bookmarks" when viewing your PDF to access). 

Creative Team

Written by Paul Zizka, with Meghan J. Ward
Editor: Meghan J. Ward
Design and Layout: Dee Larosa / Phaneric
Published by Paul Zizka Photography

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